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Services I Offer

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Adjustment Counseling

Quality Care

Expected and unexpected events in life create turbulence, commotion, and sometimes uncertainty. Job loss, death, relationship loss, sudden illness or even new changes such as a new child or moving to a new place often disrupt our daily living routines. Sometimes these events can leave us more lost and confused. Therefore, it is important to have the right coping and management tools for adjusting and adapting to significant changes in life. At these times you may need or want a trained certified rehabilitation counselor to help navigate you through these difficult moments.


Mood Management and Addictions Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

I use a cognitive behavioral psychotherapy approach for helping people develop and utilize coping management tools for mood and co-occurring disorders. My cognitive-behavioral techniques and strategies will enable you to develop coping strategies that make life more manageable and meaningful. I am a therapist who understands biopsychosocial stressors and how to assist you in managing moods, thoughts, and behaviors surrounding mental illness and addiction.


Couples Therapy

Here For You

It is not easy to know how to balance our energies and efforts in areas that matter most in life. My framework and theoretical background to counseling involve helping couples find and develop healthy relationships. I serve and assist couples and partners who are experiencing new trials and challenges and want to practice healthy boundaries, love, and intimacy in their relationship. My formal and informal training has taught me how to analyze the different dynamics within relationships. I use basic communication and conflict management skills to help couples with either strengthening and repairing problems that occur in relationships. I use a variety of assessment and relationship tools for helping couples know each other’s needs and how to work on a team plan for being more loving, caring, and forgiving.


Benefit from my professional experience and wide range of psychological services.

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